Got the Monday Blues? Botanical aromatherapy to the rescue!

Have you ever woken up on a Monday morning and immediately thought to yourself: “This is going to be a long day.”?

Sometimes it just feels so difficult to find the motivation to drag ourselves out of bed and prepare for school or work. If you experience feelings of dread near or at the start of a new week, you might be suffering from the ‘Monday Blues’. But fret not, YnL can help you combat the Monday Blues by relaxing and refreshing your mind and body! Here are some carefully selected scents from our botanical aromatherapy line that are best for getting you through the daunting week ahead.

YnL CALM: Magnolia

This heavenly combination of magnolia and lemon will relax your mind and lower unwanted tension. CALM: Magnolia is also infused with a touch of floral fragrance, bringing a feeling of serenity like no other. It is perfect for stressed and tired individuals looking to overcome fatigue and un-motivation. Take comfort in the fact that CALM: Magnolia will help you relax and improve your mood anytime you need it, making you more ready to tackle the week ahead!

YnL ENERGY: Sea Spray

Be reminded of the sea breeze with ENERGY: Sea Spray, which brings the scent of the ocean with it. The cool and clean aquatic notes will energise you and provide uplifting effects that awaken your senses. Rejuvenate your mind and body and prevent stress from weighing your body down as you go about your daily activities at the start of the week.

Overcome a blue monday with your very own roll-on botanical aromatherapy bottle from YnL. Get your bottle of YnL CALM and YnL ENERGY for $6.90 each. Restore wellness with YnL today!

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