Brand Story

Trusted for half a century

Since the days when its faithful Volkswagen Kombi traversed the villages of Malaysia and Singapore with its trademark loudspeakers extolling the benefits of traditional medicine, Tai Tong Ah’s Herbal Oil (青草油) has remained a product trusted by households for decades. Herbal Oil offers quick relief (with its characteristic searing sting!) for cuts, burns, insect bites and a range of skin ailments. Users swear by its efficacy. They know that when the pain passes, wounds begin to heal.

Over the years, Tai Tong Ah progressed from making its products by hand to setting up automated production lines in its factory and adopting modern scientific methods of manufacturing. In 2008, the company received the certification for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) from the Singapore Health Sciences Authority. Tai Tong Ah is proud to be a Singapore company carrying the Singapore brand, with products that are synonymous with quality, safety, reliability and efficacy. (read more)

Today the company has 3 main products under the Double Prawn brand – Herbal Oil (青草油), Rumagon (风湿油) and HuoLuo Oil (活络油).

Restoring Wellness

In 2020, while the world was reeling under the onslaught of Covid-19, Tai Tong Ah started research to find a solution that could offer users relief from the increasing stresses of day-to-day modern living. Building on its experience in traditional medicine, quality control, and modern manufacturing methods, Tai Tong Ah developed a new range of botanical aromatherapy medicated oil. These combine the efficacy of traditional medicated oil with the distinct fragrance of natural essential oils to uplift moods and restore wellness.

YnL (short for Yuanlin: 源林 - the origin of forests) is an exciting new product line that comprises 6 fragrance directions that cater to different personalities and lifestyles. It comes in a handy roll-on bottle that can be applied easily and conveniently anytime, anywhere.

YnL Energy

Sea Spray
Cool and clean aquatic notes recalling the sensation of the sea breeze, accompanied by an uplifting citrus and earthy musky tone – excellent for the active sports lover seeking to recharge.

YnL Fresh

Bergamot & Lime
A refreshing citrus fragrance with a hint of bergamot that sharpens the mind, enlivens mood and sparks positive energy. Perfect for young parents and children heading out for a weekend of fun!

YnL Lush

Patchouli & Cedarwood
The warm scent of Patchouli and spicy cedarwood, blended with a variety of floral scents is reminiscent of the sensory delights of a secret garden - designed for the modern woman with exquisite taste.

YnL Calm

Sweet, lemony Magnolia fused with a touch of floral fragrance brings a feeling of calm and serenity, relaxing the mind. Made for weary individuals seeking respite and balance in a busy day.

Ynl Summer

Happy Berries
A vibrant fruity fragrance bursting with joyful summer sunshine - ideal for energetic and fun-loving teenagers or young adults who are always on the go!

Ynl Classic

Swiss Herbs
A delicate mix of natural green, herbal and woody essential oils, topped off with a hint of nostalgia. Captures the classic smell of the good old days - a familiar rejuvenating scent created for the sentimental soul.



For over half a century, Tai Tong Ah’s products have provided relief from physical ailments and muscle aches for generations of satisfied users. Today, with YnL, Tai Tong Ah also offers users relief from the stresses and pressures of our fast-paced modern life. This is the promise of YnL.