Managing Stress: Coping with Everyday Problems

Stress resulting from work, school, or daily life affects all of us, and finding time for self-care in our fast-paced lives can be rather difficult. Nevertheless, we don't have to let stress rule our lives. General health and wellness practices like implementing a healthy, nutritious diet and maintaining an active lifestyle are all great places to start. Here are some tips for combating stress in your everyday life:

Work and school

Have a good diet! Making sure you have a brain-friendly diet can really improve your wellbeing and help you deal with stress when studying or working better. Ensuring you are properly hydrated will also do wonders for your focus. 

Other than a good diet, aromatherapy is something extra you can add to your routine. When working or schooling from home, you can consider investing in an aromatherapy diffuser which projects the scent of essential oils throughout the entire room. But if you are someone who is constantly on the go, be it at work or at school, you can consider roll-on aromatherapy instead. It has good efficacy, is convenient and can be applied at any time. One roll of YnL FRESH, with its refreshing citrus and bergamot scent, will sharpen your mind during a long work or school day.

Calming exam nerves

Sleep is important, and not getting enough sleep may be a reason why you’re feeling so nervous before a major examination. Poor sleep directly impacts your mental sharpness, which is disastrous during a test. If you’re having difficulty getting to sleep, try not to consume caffeinated drinks right before bedtime. 

Aromatherapy is another avenue to consider to help you sleep better before an exam and calm your exam nerves on the test day itself. YnL CALM from our botanical aromatherapy line will lull you to sleep with its soothing scent of magnolia and lemon. Apply YnL CALM right before the exam to enter the exam room with a composed mind!

Mental stress in our daily lives

Be active! Exercise won't make your mental stress disappear, but it can reduce the extent of the emotional intensity that you're feeling. It will clear your thoughts which then allows you to handle your everyday problems more calmly. 

If you’re worried about exercise physically exhausting you and leaving you too tired to deal with everything else on your plate, you can try YnL ENERGY. When used after an exercise session, you will become recharged and fully motivated. Even if you’re not exercising, it will provide you with a burst of energy to help you power through any mental tension you have.

Become more stress resilient with your very own roll-on botanical aromatherapy product from YnL. It is currently available on the YnL online store, as well as selected Watsons stores, for $6.90 each. Restore wellness with YnL today!