Introduction to YnL

What is the difference between each series of our YnL botanical aromatherapy oils? Which YnL is the right one for you? Let us answer that for you in this article.

YnL is currently available in 4 flavors: Sea Spray from the ENERGY series, Bergamot & Lime from the FRESH series, Patchouli & Cedarwood from the LUSH series and Magnolia from the CALM series. You can expect to see more flavors from each series in the future.

Each series has been carefully developed to provide you a particular benefit, from soothing your mind after a busy day at work to getting you recharged post-workout. Additionally, all of them help with relieving stress and itch.

Which should you choose? Read on to find out more.


YnL ENERGY series is formulated to help users recharge after a workout. Currently, ENERGY is available in the Sea Spray flavor, which has the strongest fragrance among the 4 flavors right now, providing you with a burst of energy.

This series is highly recommended for active sports lovers.


As the name implies, the FRESH keeps you refreshed, sharpens your mind and makes you feel positive. Available in the Bergamot & Lime flavor, YnL FRESH is great for everyday use.

FRESH is the series to choose for young parents and children.


LUSH is a series designed specially for ladies. The Patchouli & Cedarwood flavor provides a floral scent that gives you the feeling that you have been transported into a secret garden.

YnL LUSH is a series for all ladies!


The CALM series aimed at relaxing minds after a long day at work. Available in Magnolia flavor, it has the most subtle scent among the four flavors right now.

If you still have no idea which flavor to get, we recommend trying our CALM series.

Where to get YnL?

YnL is currently available on the YnL online store, as well as selected Watsons stores, for $6.90 each. Additionally, it is also available in a pack of 4 on our online store at a discounted price of $24.90 right now. Get your YnL today and start enjoying its benefits!

Curious about the specific health benefits of each ingredient in our 4 series? Next week’s blog will look at how we source our ingredients and why quality ingredients are the heart of each YnL product.

Stay tuned!