YnL Energy to Re-energise Your Body

How a sport enthusiast re-energise himself?

Watch this video to see how a sport enthusiast re-energise himself by applying YnL Energy : Sea Spray.

“The investment world, I love it! But the market volatility? It’s so exhausting.

My escape? Road biking. When I started out I couldn’t ride past 5km! But my riding buddy, Zach was encouraging. He made us take breaks every 2km.

Over time, we’d increase the distance. Slowly my stamina increased. The secret? I took my time, and I took breaks. Today, I can hit 200km, no problem!

We all suffer from exhaustion, both mental and physical. Do share, how you overcome yours?”

Recharge your body after exercising

Feeling drained after a vigorous spell of physical activity?  Feel the buzz again to the scent of sea breeze and citrus nobilis peel oil! They’ll get your motor running in no time!  The best part?  You’ll find these re-energising ingredients in a bottle of YnL ENERGY.  Rub some on today and keep going and going and going!






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