5 Ways YnL is With You in Every Aspect of Life

When incorporating aromatherapy into your life, it is best that you use methods that work for your lifestyle. Aromatherapy should be simple and convenient, which is why we recommend aromatherapy oil roll-ons.


Roll-ons are portable bottles that hold essential oils. The bottle is affixed with a roller and cap, and the roller prevents the aromatherapy oil from leaking out of the bottle. It is perfect for on-the-go aromatherapy, as all you have to do is apply the roll-on to your skin to experience the many benefits aromatherapy has. Here are some situations when you can use YnL to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy:

Daily Life

Essential oil diffusers or spritzers are great ways to enjoy aromatherapy. However, diffusers are not particularly portable, and sprays may be a bit messy at times. On the other hand, roll-ons are both mess-free and portable! Our high-quality roll-on bottles can easily fit into your bags or pockets for on-the-go use. You will be able to apply the oils on your skin without having to worry about spillages or leakages. 

After Exercising

Feeling exhausted after a tough workout? If you need something to re-energise you quickly and efficiently, try out our Sea Spray botanical aromatherapy roll-on. The refreshing scent of the sea breeze will relieve stress and fatigue and give you a burst of motivation. Just slip a bottle of YnL into your sports bag and you will be able to use it right after you’re done exercising.


YnL can also help you sleep better! Our CALM: Magnolia scent will be able to relax your busy mind, allowing you to head to bed calmer. If you are worried about getting the oil on your bed, you can smell aromatherapy oils directly from the roll-on bottle instead of applying the oil to your skin. By breathing the oils in, you will feel more relaxed.

Soothe Pain Points

Inner wrist, behind the ears, on the temples - these are all pulse points on our body and make great places to roll on aromatherapy oil for simple and quick relief. Whether it is an ache, feeling of pain or slight discomfort, ease your pain away with our aromatherapy oils. What’s more, their modern and nature-inspired scents ensure that you can soothe your pain points in a subtle way when you’re around people. Made from safe, natural and quality ingredients, our roll-on aromatherapy oils are designed to accompany and be used by you throughout the day whenever the need arises.  

When Wearing a Mask

Apply a few rolls to the sides of your face mask and you will be able to experience the distinct fragrance of natural essential oils even when wearing a mask! It’s a simple approach that keeps you feeling fresh even when masked up.

Enjoy aromatherapy anywhere and restore wellness with YnLtoday! YnL is currently available on the YnL online store, as well as selected Watsons stores, for $6.90 each.